Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have a very odd dog. Every morning, we have a fight. He drinks my coffee! What the hell?! I get to drink my first cup with no problem. It's just the second and third I have problems with. I will get the girls up and get them ready for school after my first cup. So I leave my spot to get the morning rolling. When I come back, I have less coffee than I started with. For a while, I was starting to think I was really sucking it down. Then I saw him in my chair drinking my coffee. EWW! I was drinking coffee after something that licks it's butt! That is really gross.

He will see me make my coffee and follow me to my chair. He sits in front of my chair waiting for me to get up. Then that is when he makes his move. I have always wondered why he would be so hyper. He is an old dog. Close to 13. So I really don't see him doing a whole lot in his old age. Well he can sure suck down coffee.

Now I have smartened up. I put it on the counter when I leave my chair. Well, he will jump on the counter and try and knock my cup on the floor. So now I am down to 2 coffee cups. I had a whole mess of them. Well some broke due to wet hands. The majority of them have been broke from the coffee stealing dog. I need to start using the plastic coffee cups. The ones people take in the car with the lids. Yeah, that's the ticket! I'll show that dog who is smarter. Knowing my luck, he will eat the cup and lid. ( the dog ate my Webber grill. When I say "ate", he really ate it. Not chewed on it, ate it.) So my dog is part goat. Well I will figure out a solution for this dilemma one way or the other.

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Carolyn said...

Let's face it, Hunter is a caffeine addict. You might as well pour him a cup and together you can enjoy your morning coffee. Just be thankful he's not an alcoholic. I don't know if the have rehab for dogs.