Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Store

Yesterday, I went to the store. I only went for a few things. I got juice, milk, lunch meat and the all important sliced cheese. You can't have a sandwich without that. So I only had to use one of those lovely mini carts. I love those things! As I put my things on the belt, I handed the girl my handy dandy reusable bag. I guess I had given her herpes, in a truck stop in some former life. She was not to happy to use that bag. How hard is it to put stuff in one of those bags? Really? It isn't any different than the new and improved paper bags they have now. (they have handles on them at my store) She gave me my total, I paid and she still looked confused on how to put things in the bag. This bag is rather large. Everything I had bought would fit in the bag. I guess since she was younger than me, she didn't spend hours upon hours playing Tetris.( original Nintendo) I don't think she knew how to fit things together or something. I don't know what it was, but she managed to figure it out after 5 minutes.

I think I might suggest to these corporate chains. Offer a session on how to deal with customers with the reusable bags, so they don't treat them like they will catch some STD that will jump on them if they touch the bags.

(I don't know if Kroger still does it but when I worked there, 10 years ago they, didn't charge you when you brought your own bags to use. A little helpful tip to those from the Dayton area.)

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