Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It Will Never Die

That's right, my 1985 Blazer will never die! I just love that car. Well on my latest adventure of fixing the beast, was the steering column. The part that you see under the hood was broke. To you motor heads, it was the half shaft going to the steering gear box. Well the original one was, a very bad pot smokers engineering design gone wrong. Where it goes into the steering box was broke. If I wiggled it and used a crow bar, it would have came out with no problem. I wouldn't have had to even unbolt it at all. That's how bad my car was a death trap.

But according to James, it was in bad shape, but not a death trap. WTF? I'm sorry, one bad pot hole and that would have been deadly. Probably not for me, but for the person I would have hit. But it wasn't a death trap.

Then I remembered why I didn't like working on cars. Well it's not like I don't like it, I just don't like it when I can't work on my own car. James has to step in and do all of it. I think he forgets I have been working on cars a lot longer than he has. Well he may know more of the tech stuff about it. Like the compression ratio, and horsepower and crap like that. I really don't care about all of that anymore. Back in high school I did. But now that I am almost 30, I really don't care. I just want my car to run great and to be safe enough for my kids to ride in it. ( wow I'm getting old ) I can't ever fix my own damn car with him around. Then he wonders why I'm always in a pissy mood when I am the tool bitch. I tell him why, then it's the same thing all over again the next time.

But the Blazer is no longer a death trap. Which is a good thing. On my quest for looking for my part, I found a Blazer and S-10 grave yard. Oh it is heaven to me. I found a bunch of parts for when I need them. This summer I plan on taking out all the interior and replacing it. After 24 years, it has taken a beating. Not to mention, James is using the back as a garage. He has a 350 motor in pieces in the back. I remember being redneck, but not hillbilly. I guess that's what happens when you move to a sort of farm city. Well once I get his crap out of my piece of crap, I can make the inside nice again.

I can say, that my Blazer may look like crap, but it runs just as good or even better than some newer cars. In the last 10 years, there has only been minor stuff wrong with it. Well all but the carburetor and this steering half shaft. For it all being 24 years old, it has lasted a long time. So my next adventure, I will be putting a new engine and transmission in it.

I'm getting to old for a 5-speed. So if I put an automatic in with the engine in it now, it wouldn't be worth it. So that is what I will be doing this summer. Now that James' Camaro is gone, I can move my Blazer in the garage at his parents house. So this should be fun. I will be able to sit and be the tool bitch, while James does it for me. Don't worry, I will have pictures of what is going on. I'm sure something amusing will happen. It always does over there when it comes to working on cars. It doesn't matter who's car it is, something always happens.

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