Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Fun

Mom and I took the girls to Carriage Hill Metro Park. We walked around the actual working farm from the 1800's. They saw all of the animals. They were more impressed with an old barn cat than farm animals. Go figure. They chased chickens around and petted horses. Then we went on to the documented history barn. They have old pictures and artifacts to look at. Then there is the little play house. They had more fun playing house and school than the whole part. Well until we went to the little lake. We had a picnic and looked for fish. So they had a blast. Well I think they had more fun running than anything. So here are some pictures of our little fun filled day.

Turtles on a log. My camera sucks, so the pictures suck a little. That was as close as I could get.
Who says there aren't any swamps in Ohio?


looking for fish and at the ducks

looking around

tree hugger Bryanna

What school would be like 200 years ago.

little worker


Mr. Rooster

This horse cracked me up. He actually posed for pictures. He would change sides and his leg positions.

Trying to get a good picture of them doing something cute.

Ms. Model

There favorite part, the cat

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