Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cool Walk

Today, James and I went for a walk. We went to Charleston Falls. It is one of my favorite places to go walking and or hiking, depending on what trail I want to go on. Usually I go in the summer or late spring. Since it was a little warm out, I wanted to go and do something. So James and I went walking on every trail. That is when we realized, we are very out of shape. Just about every bench saw our butts. We saved the water fall for last. That and the parking lot is on that path also. So I took a bunch of cool pictures of the falls. It was way better in person. I forgot to take my camera, so I used the one on my phone. They are okay, but you get the idea of how cool the water fall is, when it is thawing out.

The rock wall on the stairs down to see the falls.

The rocks are still frosted over

Water frozen from the rocks on a path

The view from the top of the falls

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