Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow in Ohio

Okay. Well we got about 9 inches of snow in my area of Ohio. So normal people would just shovel the sidewalks and dig out their cars. Oh no, not in Tipp City. They find a friend with a snow plow on their big redneck truck and have them plow the sidewalk for them. That's how we do it in Tipp City. We work smart not hard.
I was digging out my car this morning. So after about an hour of doing that, I went inside for a cup of coffee. As I was sipping my coffee and watching the news, I saw the redneck brothers. I have a window right in front of my chair. So I was watching them plow. Then I saw the one redneck boy drive up on the sidewalk with this truck. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! I couldn't believe it. So I tried to get a picture with my camera but I was afraid that I would miss it. So I used my camera phone. That's why the picture is kind of crappy. Plus I didn't want them to see me taking a picture, of what they were doing. So that's why there is a screen picture from my door.
Just remember, find a friend with a plow on their truck, and have some fun shoveling snow.It doesn't have to be work. I hope this picture brightens your day.

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