Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Yes I am still alive. I have had a lot of things to do these past few weeks. Well I did the Christmas thing. That was super fun! I just love the pshyconess of the families. So I needed a break from that. So I had my gallbladder removed last week. So there was my vacation from the Christmas thing.

WHOO! Let me tell ya, that was not a fun time. The next day, it felt like I had a baby. But it was worth it. I can finally eat! I have felt a whole lot better to. Today was my first cheeseburger in 6 months. It was the best cheeseburger to. I missed fat and sugar. I even made a cake. That was good to. I would have ate the whole cake, but I would have gotten sick. With stitches still in my stomach, throwing up would have not been that fun.

So my life is back to normal again. Now that I lost 30 pounds, I will probably gain it all back now that I can eat anything. Right before Christmas, I went over to Ami's house. She had a pair of pants that were to big for her. So as a joke I told her let me try them on. I did it as a joke. It wasn't that funny when the actually fit me. I haven't seen a size 6 since high school. They are a little tight on me, but I can get my big butt in them AND button them AND zip them up. Holy crap! I don't look like a size 6. Well in every woman's own eyes, we all are fat. I don't see it. I see pictures taken of me and I still look fat. So I better ware those pants while I can. Now that my problem gallbladder is gone, I will be eating like a champ.

In other news, I have been working on a Fair Isle pattern for a pair of socks. I am on the heel flap right now. When I get this one done, I will post pictures and the pattern I made up. It only took me 5 times ripping it out to get it right. Well the second sock will be right. I made the pattern upside down on the first one. So it only looks right when I look down at it. So the next sock, I will make it the way it's supposed to be. Well I guess that's what happens when you create patterns. Trial and error. So until something else exciting happens in my life, I will be writing what happens.

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