Saturday, January 17, 2009

Church Socks

Well I have finally mastered fair isle. Yes, I have made my own fair isle pattern. I call it Church Socks. It has a cross on it. It is pretty easy. Well I guess that would be the idea of making my first fair isle pattern huh? The only bad thing is, I made it upside down. Well it looks normal when you look down from them. So I guess it only depends on which way you look at them. So here is the pattern. ( I wrote it so the cross will be the other way so it wont be upside down to other people.)
*** Remember keep the CC strings really loose, or the sock wont fit. Yes, it will be weird to have hanging string but every few stitches twist the MC and CC to it isn't floping around or you get your toes tangled in it when you put it on***
Co 60
K2, P2 rib for 2"
Knit 10 rows in Main Color
Rows 11-18(total of 8 rows) Start with MC and K11, K8 in Contrasting Color, K11 in MC
Rows 19-29(total of 11 rows ) K5 in MC, K20 in CC, K5 in MC
Rows 30-38(total of 9 rows) K11 in MC, K8 in CC, K11 in MC
Rows 37-46 total of 10 rows) Knit in MC
So it is pretty easy. I know not that hard to figure out. Well what can I say, I'm a simple type of person. You can add another cross for the top of the foot, or knit it plain. I used the Monkey Sock pattern to give it a little more depth. So enjoy the pattern.

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