Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why I hate Christmas......

I hate all of the crowds at the stores.

I hate all of the crazy people in the parking lots.

I hate all of the rude nasty people in the stores.

I hate that is has become a commercial holiday aimed more for the all mighty dollar.

I hate the crazyness of the family get together.

I hate the stupid holiday drivers.

I hate dragging out the big ass tree and putting up the decorations.

I hate putting up all of those damn lights on the big ass tree.

I hate that people can't say " Merry Christmas" because it isn't politically correct any more!

I hate people that don't understand, you don't have the money this year to give gifts, but they still get pissed anyway.

I hate taking down all of the decorations and the big ass tree.

I hate taking the lights off of the big ass tree and hoping that they wont tangle up.

What I like about Christmas...

Seeing my kids open their gifts.

Seeing my family that I haven't see in over a year.

The food.

Celebrating why there is even a Christmas.

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