Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday we all went to the mall, so Makayla could get her ears pierced. She did such a great job in school this quarter. So the deal was, if she got at least 80% or better, she could get her ears pierced. She did great when they pierced her ears. Well we had them pierce them both at the same time. She only cried at the end when they showed them to her in the mirror.

After all of that, and we were at the mall. But what is a trip to the mall with out eating mall food. We made our way to the food court. Well in our mall's food court, there are three Chinese places all in a row. Well two on one side and a hall way dividing the one on the other. So they have three girls handing out samples of their specials. Let me tell you about the three Chinese girls.

Those girls scare me. Granted they are no taller than I am, but they are still very scary. They yell and scream at you ,to try what ever it is they are having on special. You just can't walk by them and not take a sample. Oh no, you can't. I guess you could, but I wouldn't try it. They give you the feeling, if you don't try their food, they will do some Jackie Chan or Jet Le move on you. Or some ninjas will pop out from behind the counter and mess you up, for not trying their food. I'm not even joking. I wont walk by that corner. Even though the bathrooms are in the little hall way, I will hold it, just so I don't have to walk buy scary Chinese corner. James was laughing at me when I told him why I didn't want to go over there. James is a Chinese food freak. He could eat it all the time and would be happy. So he had no problem taking samples.

All three places have really good food. It is all about the same. Well one place is just a little better. So if I feel in the mood for Chinese, I will walk all the way around the court just to get to them. So if you live in the Dayton area and go to the Fairfield Mall, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know, just trust me.

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