Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a Day

Yesterday, James, the kids and I went out to eat with some friends. So we had 4 adults and 5 kids. No problems, well very few with all of those kids. The adults were at one end of the table and the kids at the other. As we were enjoying our horror storeys of all of the odd things our kids have done, Makayla screams. We all look up and she has her tooth in her hand. No big deal. Well she had a little blood. So then all of the kids wanted to see her tooth. We were all eating. So it was a little gross to play show and tell with a tooth at a restaurant. Well our waitress was the one who was freaked out the most. ( she doesn't have kids) She wanted to give Makayla salt water and like 500 napkins for her minor blood loss. I looked at Makayla then I told the waitress she will live and all she would do is rinse her mouth out with regular water and go about eating.

Everyone went back to what they were doing before. We all ate and had a good time. As we were leaving, that's when it hit me. Yes I have gotten a cold. Damn it! So I started to feel a little bad. So since I start to feel bad, I go and get some medicine to try and get to the stupid cold before it gets worse. Later last night, I start to feel worse. I ended up falling asleep in my chair. That wasn't a good idea. I wake up sore from how I was sleeping. So I take my butt to bed. Of course I cough all night and I don't sleep very well.

First thing this morning, Makayla asks me, " Why didn't the Tooth Fairy didn't come?" I had totally forgot about her tooth in my sickness. So I told her, " The Tooth Fairy called and told me she was taking a sick day. She will try and make it later tonight." Well I still feel bad. I really don't want to feel like this for Thanksgiving. I want to be able to taste my food. I love to eat. So hopefully this bug will pass before then.

So on top of me feeling like crap, James and I have to go look at a car to see what's wrong with it today. So not only will I feel like crap, it is going to snow. I hate driving in snow. It's not that I hate it, I just hate all of the people that are on the road with me. They all drive like assholes. It's not the snow that makes you wreck, it's how you and other people drive. I know I wont be having a good day. So hopefully we don't have to fix it today. I am hoping we can fix it tomorrow, when it isn't going to snow. I don't mind the cold, it's just the snow. I hate working on cars when it is snowing out.

So I am going to start my crappy day. I hope I can just stay home and rest. Like that will ever happen.

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