Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have a gallbladder problem. Well I would say it's more like a bag of M&M's in my body. The bag of M&M's gets pissed off when I eat the wrong things. They all act like an army and they want to kill me. Those M&M guys don't play around. Don't let those cute commercials fool you. They are vicious little bastards.

Okay it really sucks when your gallbladder hurts. I have been doing fairly well on a diet of nothing good to eat. When I mean nothing good to eat, I mean all of the stuff with fat and sugar has gone out the window. I have to be a vegetarian. I really don't want to be, but I have to. In order for me not to be in pain, I have to not eat any fat. When I do "cheat", I can tell about 20 minutes later.

When I do have an attack, it's like I'm in labor in my ribs. I have to do what I call a " Porno Star's Pose". I have to contort my body and stretch my muscles till they hurt, so I can have pain some place else to worry about. The weird thing is, it only happens at a certain time at night. Which is odd to me. I also can't fill my stomach either. So when I eat, I have to run on half full. This really sucks. I love to eat. I really do. I know it's all for the better, but I miss food. I miss my Wendy's double bacon cheese burger. I miss pie. I miss doughnuts. I miss real butter. Even when I get my gallbladder taken out, I still can't eat all of those things.

Since one of my favorite holiday's is upon us, it's going to suck to be me. I can't eat turkey, any pie, ( Oh how I love pie.) and I can't eat anything with butter in it. Paula Deen I envy you. So as my family enjoys the feast, I will have to give dirty looks as they eat all of the food I can't have.

So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Have fun eating all of the things loaded with fat and sugar. I will be eating veggies with my fake butter and bread with fake butter. I know I will cheat once again, and I will pay for it later. But what the hell, it's Thanksgiving!

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