Monday, November 17, 2008


I finished the Granny Square Blanket. I got that done on Friday when I was watching Landon. He was such a good helper. He held the squares for me until I needed to sew them together. Then he helped hold the seven squares that I sewed together. He really liked the blanket. I put it on the floor so he could lay on it. I think I might have to make him one. I know Ami will like one. So I have another blanket project to do. That blanket only took me two weeks to do. It went pretty fast.

Right now, I am working on socks. What a surprise huh? I am running low on socks. I only have five pairs. James has requested a pair so, I need to get to cranking out the socks. Plus Christmas is coming up. I need to get back to the gifts also.

Do I have a boring life right now or what? I run James around and try and keep up with my house work in between. I guess with winter upon us, it's time to settle in and wait for warm weather to come back again. Until then, I will be doing my "yarning", as Bryanna calls it.

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