Sunday, November 09, 2008


( my latest project. a granny square blanket.)

I have been busy these past few weeks. I can't even remember what I did, but I know I was hardly home. From what I can remember, I know James and I took apart the front end of the wrecked Camaro. So now it looks like a compact car. We haven't gotten the engine or transmission out yet, there are a few more things we have to do before we get to that.
I know what else. I'm pissed at Makayla's teacher. I got her report card this week. On it she only had a D. Okay no big deal right? Well in Reading and Math she got a C. That's okay. Well in the little comments box the teacher wrote, " her grade was altered to make her feel more successful." That was in both reading and math. So she didn't get a C. What the hell is that all about!? I'm sorry, but if she is fudging Makayla's grades, I need to know what she really got. If my kid needs help in that area let me know. I don't want my second grader moving on to third grade, when she isn't prepared. I thought Bush enacted that No Child Left Behind thing. Well if you fudge grades, that's leaving them behind. I have requested another conference with her about all of this. I am going to try and remain calm and maybe I will see if I can borrow someones mouth filter. I think that is bullshit! They never did that shit when I was in school. They let the parents know what the child got and why.
Makayla is to smart for her own good. ( sounds like me.) When she is at home or at Mom's house, she knows what she is doing. She can read very well, and she can do math with little problems. I can give that child math problems off the top of my head and she can do it. She might miss one by one number, but she can do it with out paper. She reads a book every night before bed. So I want to know what the problem is at school. I see her work that she does every week. She might miss a few here and there. So what the hell? Now her spelling, is another story. I know I have seen spelling test that she has failed. She got the D in spelling. Hopefully the teacher can get back with me before Thanksgiving break.
James told his Mom what was going on. Well of course her answer was she has ADD. Uh, no she doesn't.( I know James might read this but I don't care. I can share my opinions and write what ever the hell I want.) That is her answer for every thing. There has to be something wrong with every child. I know she means well and is a big help with us. Not every child has ADD or something else wrong with them. I have tried the ADD medication thing with her. She is not ADD. I think I have narrowed down the problem. It's either she is to busy worrying about friends and recess or her stupid messed up Dad. That is all I can think of. So I talked to the stupid fucker and told him what was going to happen. ( as the previous post) So far he has kept doing what I have asked. Now I just have to work on the recess thing.
I have been crocheting a Granny Square blanket. So that is my big project for the winter. I am almost done. I need three more rows and I can finish it off. I have always wanted a Granny Square blanket. So I got a wild hare and just went and made one. I should have it finished by next week. It takes me about 20 minutes to make a square. I need 63 squares. I started the blanket last week. So I think I'm doing pretty well time wise.
Well that is whats been going on in my world. Nothing to exciting.

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Yvonne said...

That looks great, you are speedy.