Friday, October 24, 2008

This Sucks

Well after the Parent Teacher Conference, I had bad news. That's right. My second grader is not doing so well. I thought she was doing pretty well. Nope. She is failing spelling and writing. She is doing really good in math and science.

I was reading my sisters blog. Maybe our genetics got messed up. She is the science nerd and I'm more of the history/useless information nerd.

Anyways, not only is she not doing so well in her actual work, she is having problems with her social skills. This is totally not like her. Makayla is a social type of person. She has never had a problem going up and talking to anyone. I really had to explain the "Stranger Danger" to this child.

Hold on there is another problem. She also gets lazy and doesn't care. Hmm, sounds like me when I was in school. But I know what her problem is. It is the baby daddy. When she gets the I don't cares, it is usually with in a few days of seeing him. Plus on those days she is very mean to the other kids. Last week, she pushed a girl down and kicked her. The girl was only trying to help her with an assignment. So most of her problems come down to the baby daddy. He is in and out and really doesn't care about anyone but his self. He will go for weeks with out any calls. Then he shows up out of the blue like he was never gone. Okay, I get that he lives an hour away. He could call once a week and talk to her for five minutes and ask about her week. I guess that is to hard to do.

So after I had the knit and crochet thing at the Eagles I went home and called the baby daddy. I told him what was going on. I also told him the teacher and I both think he is the problem. He got pissed! He started yelling at me and cussing me out. So I stayed calm and explained in detail about what was wrong. This child strives for his attention. The only way she gets it, is when she does something bad. She is also worried about him leaving and moving farther away.( he was thinking about moving 4 hours away with some woman with 4 kid and is 10 years older than he is, that he met online.) I explained that to him to. More cussing and yelling. I was nice through this whole thing, which is so unlike me. So I told him his problem is being consistent. The in and out shit has to stop. He went on about how his personal life is none of my business. I told him I really didn't care about his personal life. All I cared about was my child. If he couldn't be consistent, then I would tell him to fuck off for good. At this point in her life, she knows whats going on. She isn't stupid. Now it is messing with her mentally, and that is what pisses me off. Then he went on about how he would take me to court and blah, blah, blah. So I reminded him about how much back child support he owes me and a few other things that would screw him in court. So if we ever did go to court, he would probably end up in jail and would never see her again anyways. Then he went on about how hard is life is and how he doesn't have any money. Boo fucking hoo! Join the fucking club of life!

Blah, blah, blah, it's hard for him to see her if he doesn't have a place to stay at unless he is with the other baby mama. ( they are on and off. What can I say, she is still young and stupid and has the perfect house with the white picket fence dream.) I told him he could stay at my house for those days. Since he has lived with me before even after I was married. I have given this boy every opportunity to see his child and all of the excuses are taken away. So I told him if he can't follow through, then I will drive my happy ass all the way down, an hour away and tell him to fuck off to his face. He went off about why we couldn't be together. What the Fuck!? It was because I intimidated him and he didn't go for it. So I reminded him about how I don't intimidate, I will and always have followed through with what I said I will do. Plus that was why I didn't want to be with him. I told him it was because he was a piece of shit and couldn't keep his dick in his pants when there were 14 year old girls around. ( he was 20 and he fucked little girls.)

So he is supposed to see Makayla today. If he even comes. He never calls me, I have to call him. When he is with Ami, she is the one who calls me and sets up when he can see her. I also told him he can't see Makayla unless HE calls me, not Ami. I will have to wait and see about that one. If he does come, I will have another talk with him about our little conversation. I think it's best that I say it to his face. That way he can see how pissed I am and will know that I wont put up with his shit. I really haven't put up with his shit, ever. But he does get a little scared when I am in his face, telling him what I think and what I will do. He kind of cowers like a dog.

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