Thursday, June 05, 2008


I hate clothes shopping. I really do. I had to go shopping for a graduation party on Saturday. James' boss Jeff, his son is graduating and we were invited. So since they are kind of upper class, I had to get nice outfits for everyone. James and the girls are easy to shop for. Me on the other hand, that is a totally different story. I have to look like a girl.

I am not that picky by any means. I find and outfit that I think looks cute and go try it on. Well have you ever noticed that clothes in smaller sizes look way better? That is my main problem. I am not even close to even being a size 6. So I have to find outfits that will cover my "problem" areas. My main problem is shopping for shirts. I have broad shoulders and arms like Popeye. Well not quite Popeye, but close. Then there is the chest. I am on the busty side, so I can't have anything low cut, our I will look like a hooker. Then I really like the Capri pants. To everyone else, Capri pants come to the calf. For me, they are like normal pants. Then the style is to ware shorts really short. Well I don't like to ware shorts that short. My only other option with shorts are the longer shorts. Well I am at a in between age where I should be dressing older, but not old enough to ware some of the styles. Some of the styles make me look 10 or more years older than I am. I really don't like waring my shorts up to my boobs. But I also don't like to ware shorts that make me have a dun lap. ( Dun lap= my belly dun lapped over my pants.) This is why I really hate shopping.

I know everyone has their own issues with their body's. I don't shop for clothes unless I have to. I don't think I have bought clothes since high school. I will buy a shirt here and there. Mainly I buy men's clothes. I ware baggy non form fitting clothes. I like to be comfortable. Plus James and I ware the same size so it cuts down on costs there.

I did find a shirt and a pair of shorts that I can deal with. It doesn't have any car grease stains on it so I think I'm good.

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