Saturday, June 07, 2008

Where Did It Go?

Since my recent shopping adventure, I have realized I am not as fat as I think. Since it has been a very long while since I have bought shorts and or pants with out an elastic band, I ware a totally different size. Normally I ware either a 16 or and 18, depending on the maker of the clothes.

Well since I bought a pair of shorts without an elastic band, I got a size 18. I get home and try them on. Well the damn things fall off.( I don't have time to try on clothes in the store with two kids.) So I go back to the store and since James is home, so I get a chance to I go alone. I get a size 16 and a 14 just to make sure. Well neither of them fit. They are both to big. So I look in the mirror and take a glance at my ass. It still looks the same to me. Everything still looks the same. I still have the big hips and dun lap from having 2 c-sections. I don't know what the hell is going on. I go out and get a 12. Well I'd be damned. I ware a 12 now. How about that happy shit. I haven't worn a 12 since before I had kids.

Now I am wondering where the hell my weight went. To me, I still look the same. I know it didn't go to my boobs. They, thank God, got smaller since I had kids. It's not in my arms or my legs. So where the hell did it go? That is a mystery to me.

I go next door for a visit with neighbor Lori. Well she is weighing her self. She has been on a diet for a long time, from what she tells me. I get on the scale. The last time I was weighed, I weighed around 175. Now I weigh 152. So some ware I lost 23 pounds. Don't know ware. But it's gone. I don't know when this happened. I know I couldn't have lost 23 pounds in one week, since I had to get my teeth pulled. I would have noticed that.

I just want to know when the hell I lost it. Don't get me wrong, I don't want it back, I just want to know why nobody told me my ass got smaller. I do remember telling James when we first met, if my ass got any bigger to let me know. I guess I forgot to tell him to also let me know when it gets smaller.

I haven't really changed my lifestyle that much. I did stop drinking Mountain Dew. I have been drinking Diet Coke. I still eat the same things. Well not for the last week I haven't. I can't eat a whole lot with out any top teeth. So for the past week I have been a vegetarian. I did get a little meat from the meat sauce from the lasagna I made. But that is about it for the meat. I don't know when I lost weight.

Maybe it's the new city I moved to. Yeah, that's it. When I moved to a new city, the gravity changed. Yeah. There is different gravity in different cities. Just like the Bermuda Triangle, with all the weird shit that goes on there. There I go the mystery is solved.


Yvonne said...

Dropping the DEW did it! Sodeepop has loads of sugar and the Dew is the worst. Great job! Keep it up and you'll be back to your young slim pre-momma days!

BTW your heart is in better shape and I'll bet your BP has gone down.

Polly said...


And Thanks for posting your profile! /SP Hostess Nic