Friday, May 23, 2008

Yarn Store

I just went to the new yarn store in Fairborn. I think I have found my new store. The Yarn Basket is closing at the end of May. I am kind of sad. I really liked that store. Cay, the owner, she was great at answering questions and if she ran out of a dye lot she would order more. But the store in Fairborn is awesome. She has lots and lots of sock yarn! Plus it is very kid friendly. She had her two kids there and they had lots of things for kids to do while you shop for yarn. She just opened her store in March. So she is still getting the store together. I even went to Knitmap and put in a review for that shop. I am so happy that I have found another store that I like. I could have spent A LOT of money in there, but I was good and only got a few things.

Right now I am working on a pair of socks for my HSKS pal. I only have to start on the last sock and then I can send her package to her. I guess I will be one of the early birds. I also found some cute little things for her. But if I say it here it wont be a surprise.

Well I'm off to finish that sock.

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Queen Frysia said...

Daisy, please post your Quidditch answers before Saturday morning! We want to win the House Cup!