Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Alive!

Ahh Ha Ha Ha! It's Alive! That's right the blazer is running again. After putting $200 into it, it is running once more. I knew he was just taking a nap. He just needed a little break after 23 years. Now I just have to fine all the vacuum lines that I really don't need and give him a tune up and an oil change and he will be good to go.

A few days ago James told me that I needed to make a decision about the blazer. He told me I needed to either hope that it was the fuel pump or I would have to have it hauled away to the junk yard. WTF? So I told him, You can't just haul the blazer away, he is part of the family. You wouldn't take Hunter to the vet to put him to sleep, just because he had the poopies. I love that damn car. That car is the easiest car to fix. Plus it is still pretty good on gas.

So after James put the fuel pump on, I started it up and it ran! I was so happy. I drove the blazer around the block and it was better than ever. I told James, "see I told you he was just taking a nap." Now I am going to take him to the car wash and clean him out and maybe wash him.

I do know that there are still a few little things I need to do to the blazer. I need to change the oil pan gasket. That thing is leaking like mad. Well not that bad but there is a bunch of gunk all over the engine from it. Then I might put some more Lucas in the transmission. James will be driving it for his work car. So I am going to have to trust that he will treat the blazer right. If not the blazer will get pissed off and stop running. He is an old man and very temperamental.

Well I'm off to the car wash to clean him up. Just like after you have a baby, nothing like a shower to get all the hospital funk off of you.

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Carolyn said...

It's just like you said once "You can't kill a Chevy" It seems that Old Blaze has become a living legend in this area. Hopefully he'll hang in there many more years.