Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Son of A *#%@!

I am in a mood today. All I wanted to do is make a few doctors appointments that's all. But I had to call like 30 different people to get an appointment. I have really bad women problems. There is something really wrong with me. I went to this one jerk off and he told me that there isn't anything they can do. So take some Advil and rest. What the fuck!?

(I am about to get really graphic) I shouldn't have things come out of places unless I am giving birth. Yeah, having a period that lasts longer than 2 weeks and become pail from all the blood loss is fucking normal! I don't mean to piss off the catholics but catholic run hospitals suck big donkey ass! They won't tie your tubes there and they wont give you an hysterectomy unless you are like in menopause. The doctor that did tie my tubes wanted to give me a hysterectomy but, I didn't sign a release for that and James and I weren't married at the time so he couldn't sign for it either. What a load of shit. But that doctor did lose is license because he was a pill popper and he was writing his own prescriptions for that stuff to.

I have been going to this doctor since I was 16 and I have been having these same problems for over 10 years. He knows this. He is the same one who told me to have kids before I was 25 when I was 16 because my parts are so bad.

But I guess it is all in my head right? But almost bleeding to death after having my first child and when I got my tubes tied having a 12 inch lesion taken off of my uterus is normal also. Not to mention all of the endometriosis that was lazered off inside and outside of the damn thing to.

I just want to get my stuff fixed so I'm not in pain all the time and almost bleed to death once a month. They say if you soak a pad with in a hour there is something wrong. Well that is me every month for the first 5 days. I have even been to the ER and they didn't do a damn thing because I didn't have insurance. They did give me a pill to stop my period for two days, but then it came right back the same way on the third day. What a crock of shit!

So since I have an hmo I can only go to certain doctors. Well it sees these doctors don't want to take my insurance now or aren't taking new patients. So I called like 30 different places to get an appointment. Well I don't go back until the end of June. On top of that I called to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. Well that was about the same thing. I called 10 different places and I finally got an appointment. So I don't go until the beginning of June for that one.

Okay now it's time to calm down right? Nope. I get my mail and I see that I have a letter from the city I used to live in. The letter said I needed to cut my grass. Well that is just tough shit mister city inspector, because I no longer own that house. So I left a message on his voice mail stating that I no longer own that property and whom ever owns it, it is their problem not mine and to stop sending me letters.

Damn, it's not even noon yet and I have already had a shitty day.

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