Monday, April 28, 2008

Diet Coke and a Smoke

I think this is the first day I have had all weekend to sit down and relax a bit. Saturday James and I dropped the girls off at Mom's for the afternoon so we could go play golf with Lamar and Jenny. Well it was only supposed to be for a few hours, but James and Lamar took all friggin night to finish their game. So Jenny and I went to get the girls, but Mom kept them over night.So Jenny and I rushed back to get the guys and they still weren't done. It was dark and since we know the guy who owns the golf course he gave us a little more time to get the hell out. Plus he was having a party at the club house for a friend. So by 8:30 James and Lamar finally come in. The only reason why was they couldn't see their ball.

I played about 9 holes when Lamar's ball hit my ankle. I played a total of 15 holes and gave up. I did pretty good for not really being a golfer. I can wack the ball about 100 yards off the tee. After that, I pretty much suck. I didn't keep score because I really don't care. I do know I never get par so there isn't a point to keep score. I did have fun up until I got injured.

I went to get the girls about 10 the next morning. The girls played at Mom's for a couple of hours and then I had another date to take the girls to the park with a few friends and their kids. So for about 8 hours the girls were playing outside all day. We didn't leave the park until about 7. We get home and they eat. Well, tried to eat. They both were falling asleep at the table. It was funny, Bryanna fell right into her Spaghetti O's.

Most of my morning has been cleaning up the house. For not being home all weekend there sure is a big mess. I have know idea how that happens. But for right now, I am taking a break. I am having a Diet Coke and a smoke, before I get back to cleaning up this house.

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Yvonne said...

Sure is hard to find your balls in the dark. Boys never learn.

What? No Coke Zero? I am so addicted to that stuff.