Friday, April 25, 2008


Believe it or not, I have been knitting. I just haven't taken any pictures of it. So far this month I have made a few baby hats, booties, a baby blanket for my friends new baby and I finished a pair of socks for Mom, finally. These are dishcloth squares that I am going to use to make a pillow. I got a newer car and I'm still a little short to see over the steering wheel. So I need a little boost. My old car is fine, he's just taking a little nap right now. I need to rebuild the carburetor and Blaze will be running like the champ that he is.

I bought a '96 Beretta from my friend Keith. He got into a wreck with it a few months ago and he just went and bought a new car. There isn't anything wrong with the engine, but the body looks like crap. It's only minor damage but I can fix it. He did have the car looked at to see if the frame is bent. The guy told him it was, but James and I think it's the back bumper bracket that is all bent up. I had to test it my self. I took it on the highway and got it up to 90mph. It didn't shake or anything. So I plan on taking it over to the in laws to get a better look since I don't have a drive way anymore. But I like my new car. I used to have a Beretta back in High School. But my clutch went out and my boyfriend at the time decided to rebuild the engine and put a new clutch in. Well he fucked it up and I was driving it and spun a rod. The rod went right through the engine block and make a big ass hole. So that car went to the scrapper. I really loved that car to. It was great on gas. Well back then gas was only a dollar a gallon.

Oh here is a crappy picture of the Super Mullet Man. Everyday he walks down my street. He has the super duper mullet. You know the ones you only see on COPS. I have tried to get a good picture of him and his mullet. But I think he is on to me. Because he walks by my house very fast. I haven't seen him today, but I'm going to get a picture of that mullet.

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