Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damn Dentist

Well yesterday I went back to get another filling done. I don't know what the deal with that dentist is, but they only fill two teeth at a time or something. I have to go back on Tuesday to get more fillings, oh joy!

While I was at the dentist, sitting in the chair waiting for her to get in the room, I found out there was going to be a different lady do my fillings. Okay whatever just get the job done. Well it seemed to me when she was "drilling" my teeth, she was doing the same spot my usual dentist just did last week. So I tried to talk with her hands and the assistants tools in my mouth. I told her what the last dentist just did and she said, " I know but she did it wrong." I guess that is what she said. I couldn't understand her since she had a very heavy accent. If you are board certified how can you do it wrong? I looked at my teeth and they looked fine to me. I just think that lady likes to torture people.

Anyways, she drills my teeth but has her fingers pulling my bottom lip to my lap or something. Well it felt like it. The dentist leaves and the assistant starts to put the fillings in. She is doing the same damn thing. Good thing my face was numb or someone would have gotten kicked. I went home and about two hours later the Novocaine wares off. Well my bottom lip and chin really hurts by now. I was sitting on the front porch with James and he looks at me and says, " you have a bruise on your chin." So I go look in the mirror. I didn't see any bruise. This morning when I woke up and washed my face, I saw the bruise. So the whole right side on my chin and lip to my jaw is all bruised and swollen! I'm really pissed off right now. It feels like I got punched in the face.

Not only do I have to go back on Tuesday, if they tell me that they need to do another filling I'm going to go ape shit on them. I will have to tell them if you are going to have to do more fillings do them all at once and not one or two at a time. This shit is getting really old. I am still waiting on authorization from my insurance for my top teeth. I think I'm going to call them and ask what the hold up is. I just want to be done with all the dentist stuff for a while.

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