Saturday, April 12, 2008

About Time

Bryanna is potty trained! Waa hoo! It's about damn time. The girl is 5 years old. She is also a stubborn little thing just like her mom and dad. I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to start buying her Depends soon because Pull-ups don't get any bigger. Hopefully she keeps it up since Pull-ups are expensive.

The other day after Makayla got out of school, James, Bryanna and I went to the park. We were only there for maybe 20 minutes when Bryanna said she had to go potty. I ran out of Pull-ups earlier and just put underwear on her. When I got some at the store I didn't bother to put another one on her. Anyways, so we had to leave the park. Well as we were walking home she is grabbing her butt and walking like she has something stuck. So I call my friend Erica who lives a block closer to the park. Well Bryanna runs in and goes all by her self! She took a big one to. One that made me wonder how that could have come out of such a small girl. I feel so much better now that she is finally potty trained.

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