Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What a Week

I know the week isn't even over with yet. Just in the two days I've had, man it's been a long week.

I have finally been able to go to the dentist in the first time in 4 years.( Gotta love the high insurance rates.) So I have to have a LOT of work done. So having an HMO I only have a few choices on where to go. So I picked the one that was not so in the "ghetto." While I was in the waiting room filling out the massive amount of paper work, I had a lady pretty much sit in my lap. I was sitting on one end of the couch and I was the only one who was sitting on the couch. So this lady decides to sit almost on top of me. So I scoot over as far as I can because I like my personal space, and she scoots over. At this point I was getting pissed off. The waiting room was full of empty chairs and she decides to sit on me. I had one of two options, I could be my self and tell the lady to get the hell away from me and go sit some where else or I could pull the crazy card. So I pulled the crazy card. I had Turrets Syndrome for the remainder of my wait. As soon as I started the turrets, she got up as fast as she could and sat as far away from me as possible.

So I got my exam and got bad news. I have to get all of my top teeth pulled. Oh joy! My bottom teeth are just fine but for two. So I had them clean my teeth. Since it has been 4 years since my last cleaning, they were in pretty bad shape. Well the lady doing my teeth cleaning was not very nice about it. It hurt. It hurt very badly. I don't know what the hell she thought she was doing, but scraping my teeth was not it. I guess I had a look of " when I get up I'm going to kick your ass" look. So she said," I have to take a break you are making me to nervous." What? All I was doing was sitting there with my mouth open. She comes back and finishes up. The doctor comes back it for one final check and he says, "I have never had a patient make my cleaning lady so nervous she had to stop in the middle of a cleaning. What did you do?" I told him I was just sitting there and it hurt but I didn't say anything. He just laughed and told me when my next appointment was going to be. I went back today for one of my fillings. So the waiting room part was fine. I had no problems today. I get back to get my fillings and the dental assistant said, " Are you the one with Turrets? I just need to know so if you have a tick we can be aware of it." So I told her I didn't have it and told her the story of the lady that pretty much sat on my lap. She laughed her ass off. I guess it was so funny she had to share it with everyone in the office. I guess it was kind of funny.

So later on yesterday, I went to the Eagles for the crochet and knit club. I had to leave from there to go to where James was working at. No big deal right? Well I get half way to Huber and a cop pulls me over and tells me I was weaving. Weaving? I didn't even drink when I was there. So I told him it was very windy and my tie rod was broke on one side and I was on my way to get the parts. He looked at me like I was speaking spanish. I told him was a tie rod was and then he said, " I know what a tie rod is." Then he asked, " If I run your drivers license will the car come back to you?" Yeah buddy, I really want to steal a 1985 piece of shit Blazer. I told him it would. Five minutes later he comes back and Bryanna says, " turn your lights off, they are to bright!" So I'm thinking he is really going to give me a ticket all because of my 5 year old. He just laughed at her and sent me on my way.

So I have had a busy week and it has just started. I'm tired so I'm going to try and get some sleep.

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Yvonne said...

you have to love your daughter's honesty. she is that sort of girl.