Friday, March 14, 2008

Weird People

Since I have been living in Tipp City, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people here. Mainly weird people. I really like living here. It's quiet and it's not that busy of a town. I do know some people since I am a member of the Eagles.

So first is the drive-thru guy. This guy is about my age. He looks like a rocker guy and looks like a party guy. Well every time I go to the drive-thru and he is there, he looks at me weird. So a week ago as I was getting my smokes, he asked me a question. He said," Do I know you?"

" I don't think so."

" Are you sure?"

" I'm pretty sure."

" Did you used to hang out in Trotwood back in the late 90's."

" Uh, nope."

" Are you sure? Because I think I have seen you hanging around with a girl named Sarah. She has a black boyfriend named Mike."

" Back in the 90's I was hanging out with my redneck boyfriend in Huber Heights. He was the type of guy who if he even saw me talking to black people he would go ape shit. I never left Huber to go hang out other places anyways."

" I swear I know you, because Mike had this Blazer and I used to ride around in it all the time."

" I don't think so dude. I bought this Balzer from my Mother."

" Well she had to of bought it from Mike."

" I don't think so. She bought this brand new in 1985 and has had it ever since I bought it in 2005."

" I think your lying. There aren't any Blazers in this color."

" Dude I am very sure. I have the title and everything. She still had the original title she got when she paid off the damn thing."

" No. I am very positive that this was Mike's Blazer. It has all the same rust spots and everything."

" Listen, I am not going to keep having this conversation with you. For your information all Balzers and S-10's rust in the same spots. Plus I know of 4 Blazers and S-10's in the Dayton area that are this same color."

This guy wanted to argue with me about the Balzer so I finally told him to give me my cigarettes so I can go about my day. So that is the first weird guy I have met. Now on to the weird Dollar Store guy.

I went to the Dollar Store to get my household stuff for the month. As I was checking out, this guy is about the same as the last guy. Rocker looking guy covered in Tattoos. He said," So what are you doing today?"

I already knew he was trying to pick me up. So I said, " Look what I am buying. I am going to wipe my ass, wash dishes and do laundry. If I have time I will clean my ears and feed my cat."

He laughed. I know I was being a total smart ass. I was in a hurry because I had a lot of things to do since my nieces are coming over tonight. Plus Landen was at home with James.

So rocker guy says, " Your pretty funny. Why don't we go hang out at Tony's later when I get off work."

" Sounds like fun. But let me call and ask my husband first."

" Your married?"

" What did you think I was waring a wedding ring just for the hell of it?"

" You never know these days. I noticed you are new in this town."

"How the hell do you know that? Are you stalking me or something?"

" Your car kind of stands out in this town."

" So I've noticed."

" I see you live off of Fourth Street."

" Dude! I swear if I see you outside my house I will have my husband kick your ass."

" No, no nothing like that. I see you have a Camaro."

" It's my husbands car."

" How much do you want for it?"

" Well I know he would want at least $10,000 for it."

That pretty much ended that conversation. I always tell people and outreagous amount since James loves that car. But he still wanted me to go to Tony's with him even though he knew I was married. I wonder what other kinds of people I will meet living here. I have only been here for a month. I bet the summer will really bring out the odd balls.

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Yvonne said...

Dang, I can't wait to meet some of these "special" locals.