Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well most of the snow is all gone. I know it's Ohio weather. One day it's 20 degrees and the next it's 50. I wouldn't be surprised if we had snow in July! Everything is back to normal and all is well.

I have been knitting socks. I did finish one pair, now I'm starting toe up socks. I still need to finish the Christmas socks for Mom. I'm getting a little behind on my knitting, to much stuff is going on right now. Last night at drinking for babies, I got a new project. Try to make a dish scrubber out of netting. I started one there, but the round one looked retarded. Maybe I'll try it again later today after I get my house work done.

My fridge went out yesterday. So James and I had to wait all day to get a truck to get our old one. So at 11 o'clock at night we went to get a fridge. We had to move a bunch of stuff around to fit the big ass fridge in the kitchen. Our kitchen is only so big and there is a spot made for a fridge, but the one we have doesn't fit in that spot. I had to move my kitchen table and the entertainment center. So where our tv was, now the table is there. Now the tv is in the smaller room with the love seat. That and Paul came over last night and there are beer bottles and crap all over the place. But the good thing is, I can go to the grocery store now that we have a working fridge. Good thing all I had in the other fridge was condiments and popsicles.

So I am getting ready to clean off the shelves from the fridge and clean up all the mess that was left JUST FOR ME last night.

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