Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay, I know as a stay at home mom, one of my jobs is to clean. Well now that James has been laid off for a while my cleaning has doubled. I'm sorry, people who know me think I am a slob. But I'm not. I am actually a pretty clean person. Granted I don't clean my bedroom, but that is my own personal chaos. I get pretty anal about how things should be. I know my Mom and Sister are probably laughing in disbelief, but it's true.

This past week everyone was very sick. So being sick, I didn't feel like cleaning much. So I let things go. My Sister also came in to town for the holiday and that pushed my cleaning back a little to. So this morning since it is Monday, I started to do my usual Monday stuff. After I finished the dishes, I sat down to take a little break. I looked around in the living room and saw a bunch of trash, toys and pop cans all over the place. I know this mess was not mine. I was upstairs most of last night watching movies. James is a grown man and I think he should be able to clean up after his self. But Nooooo. I think, he thinks there is a magic fairy that waves her wand and things get done. As we all know this is only a myth. So I clean up that mess since it is apart of my Monday thing and because nobody else will do it.

I go into the dining room and see Makayla didn't clean up her mess from last night. Her Wendy's wrapper and ketchup mess all over the table and on the floor. I didn't know there was ketchup on the floor until I stepped in it. So that pissed me off. I wipe down the table and then I find more ketchup on the seat. What the hell?

I go in the laundry room, which is off of the kitchen and find that, apparently I am the only one who can change the trash bag. Now I am really getting pissed off. I haven't even gotten to the upstairs yet because James was up until 4 am playing Playstation. So I can't go and bother him or he will be a grump all day and I don't want to deal with that.

I do know I am still mad about the bathroom. James knocked down the shower curtain rod the other day and still hasn't put it back up. So I left it on the floor to see how long it will take him to fix it. So far the running total is 3 days. I like taking baths so it doesn't bother me. Then I know when Makayla was sick she had to of puked in the trash can up there because the bathroom has a weird smell. Now since my bedroom is the walk through to the bathroom, I have been keeping it mostly neat. So I won't have to do much in there. Now the girls' room is a different story. I will not clean their room. I will vacuum but that is it.

I am just getting a little tired of being the maid. Sometimes I don't clean for a while to see how bad the house really gets. Of course nobody will clean anything so I will have to do it anyways. It just pisses me off.

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