Monday, February 25, 2008

Landen's Party

Here he has just got into the cake.
Before he found that cake was fun.

a nice messy cake kiss to Ami.

This is how you eat cake Mom.

This is my favorite one. He thought it would be better to use is mouth than his hands.
I'm glad that Landen had a good first birthday. He had a blast. He was a little tired, but he still had fun. Landen didn't really get that messy with cake. He liked the frosting better. After all the frosting was gone, he was done with his cake.
Ami was glad that we were here to celebrate his birthday, since "Dippy" was being an asshole as usual. How things are, we are Ami's only "family". Devin got pissed off because Ami didn't want to drive all the way to Riverside to where he is staying at. Then he said he didn't have a gift for Landen or even a cake. Plus Dippy's new girlfriend is a trouble maker and would rather have Devin all to her self. But that is another story.

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