Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All Moved In

Well for the most part we are all moved in to our new place. We still have a few odds and ends to figure out where to put. I really like the new place. It is a half double and it is pretty big. It has two living rooms, two bedrooms, a decent size kitchen, a good size laundry room and one bath room. The bad part about the bathroom is, you have to go through our bedroom to get to it. So most of the night I hear Makayla and Bryanna walking through.

Next time we move we are going to hire people to do it. I don't think James and I can deal with it again. It was was to stressfull. James was getting on my nerves and I was getting on his. Plus with the girls acting crazy, I was about to kill them. But I'm glad it is all over.

I finally have the internet. It has only taken a week to get turned on. Well yesterday, James was on the phone to Verizon for two hours. At one point he was screaming at the voice prompter to get to talk to a real person. Well finally today they come out and fix our phone. The last guy who lived here had Time Warner Cable phone. So all is well once again.

Last night after I got home from" Drinking for Babies" ( the Eagles has a knitting and crocheting group that the women make stuff for Touching Little Lives.) I sat down and filled James in on what I did. Not to long after, Hunter our dog was sleeping buy the front door on the rug. He stood up IN A DEAD SLEEP and started digging at the floor. He was asleep the whole time. His eyes were closed and he was still snoring. James called his name and he woke up and looked at us. Then he walked over and started wagging his tail. It was the funniest damn thing I have ever seen him do. Usually he will dig at his blankets to fluff is bed up. So James and I though that was what he was doing. But when we realized he was asleep, we cracked up.

Well I'm off to finish getting the house in order until next time...

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