Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Here are my two Green Bay fans. Just look at Daddy's girl. Last week, James was working second shift. So every time Bryanna saw James, she would run and grab her hat and put it on for him. She has become such a Daddy's girl. But she just loves her Green Bay hat. She wares that hat everyday. She would ware it to school if she could.

The Green Bay game isn't over yet so, It is a little crazy around here. James and Jonsey are yelling at the TV. Like they can hear them yell. Bryanna was so tired she went to be already. So she isn't sitting on James' lap like she usually does for every Green Bay game.

And here is my new chair. I just love this chair. My Sister has one at her house and I just loved it. It is the perfect chair to knit in. I know now my couch doesn't match my chair. I guess I will have to get a new couch. I got a great deal on this chair. Sofa Express is closing in my town so they were having a going out of business sale. This chair was originally a $600 chair. I got it for a little over $250.

My friend Mindy works for a furniture company and she is looking for a couch for me. She found me one, but I didn't get there in time to pick it up. So I told her about my chair and I am having her keep an eye out for a couch that will go with the color.

The only bad thing about my chair is Hunter. He doesn't like my chair at all. He can't fit in the chair with me. Last night he did jump up on me in the chair. That didn't work out well. He is not the lap dog that he thinks he is. It was fine for a while, then my legs went numb. So I kicked him off. He didn't want to get down. I had to fight with him to him off of me. After of about 5 minutes of him trampling my belly and groaning, he got down. So all day today, he was wanting to get in the chair with me. He would stand at the foot of the chair and stare at me. When I would look at him, he would wag his tail. I can't sit with a 110 pound black lab on my lap. Plus he gets in the way when I knit.

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