Friday, January 25, 2008


Today since James did not have to work, we went downtown. James was on the look out for carpet tools. What better place to find tools? That's right a pawn shop. So James, Bryanna and I went to the finest pawn shops in the Dayton area. Let me tell ya that was fun.

First we start out on Dixie. Which is not to bad. James found a few things but what he was looking for was a power carpet stretcher. He found one there that had wooden parts. That's right wooden parts. God only knows how old that one was, but we were not looking for antique tools today. So we took our little trip further to Third Street. We hit all the popular pawn shops there. He found one at the first shop, but they wanted to much money for a piece of crap tool. So we walked a few doors down to Don's Pawn Shop.

Don's has been serving the Dayton area since the immigrants came over in boats. Well I think that was my favorite pawn shop of the day. It was full of people. Of course it is tax season so people were there getting their stuff out of pawn. I even saw a couple shopping for wedding rings there. You know you are in a downtown Dayton pawn shop when the " Wal-Mart Greeter" looks like he moonlights as a pimp. All that guy was missing was a fedora and a cane. Well at Don's they didn't have any carpet tools, so we left. As we were leaving we had to stop at a cross street. I looked down to notice the yellow snow at my feet. Only in Dayton can you see yellow snow on the side walk buy the public Library. Now that's class. At least whom ever, could have gone directly across the street by the porn shop or something. Or even used a tree. But not in Dayton.

The next place we went was East Side Jewelry and Loan. I didn't go in that one since I knew James was only going to be a few minutes. James came out with a few tools. He got an 80$ carpet kicker for 40$ and a carpet cutter that is usually 70$ for 12$. So he got a great deal. They did have a stretcher, but they wanted way to much for it their to. The pawn shops were trying to charge brand new prices for used and almost broken tools.

The last place we went was Rich's Pawn Shop off of Smithville. James found a stretcher that was fairly cheap, and in good condition. He didn't buy it. James was getting impatient and just wanted to buy tools. After a few minutes of him talking things out, he decided if it is meant to be, he can go get it later.

So that is how my family fun day went. Surprisingly I did not see any hookers. I think it was the cold. But it is never to early to introduce a 5 year old to what a hooker is. It seems every time I have gone downtown, I have walked by or had some sort of interaction with the local hookers. I had to get a copy of my marriage license a few months back. I had Bryanna with me. I was walking across the street and I could hear the one " working girl" trying to get a "job". Right in front of the court house! She has some balls.

So to all you people who have not had the joy of the Downtown Dayton experience, you have to see the culture. I have never seen any other place like Downtown Dayton.

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Heatherly said...

ROFL! what is a family day with out hookers!

oh-maybe you dont mean those who like to crochet... (wink!)