Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Presidental Crap

I have been watching all of these yahoo's running for office. I got to tell you, I'm not to impressed with any of them. They are all way to full of shit. I do know it is time for the democrats to be in office. So one of those "hope fulls" will be elected. Just look at the history of all the presidents. after about 8 years of a republican, then it is a democrat. It is just how things are.

As for the GOP, good luck. Especially, Romney. He thinks he will save Michigan's auto industry. HA! Yeah fucking right! If he is ever elected president, and does manage to save the auto industry, I will lick the funk off the bottom of my shoes after I have been working on a car! But I do know a way to fix the auto industry. I don't think the "fat cats" will like it much.

I think Romney and Obama are the only ones that really irk me. Obama with is almost "anti" flag crap. What the hell man!? Let me tell ya that is the way to win the votes right there. I don't know who his advisor is, and thought that was a good idea, but that asshole needs to be fired!

As for Hillary, I don't think she meant that crap she said about Obama or the black race. I think she was under pressure and shit got jumbled in her brain. So for you people out there thinking she is a racist, back off. I'd like to see you bust your ass on the Presidential Campaign trail. Then go from state to state in only 24 hours. Let's see how you feel.

But I do want to know how she is going to pull of her health care system. I hope she doesn't plan on it being like Canada. Because those folks have it bad. Yeah, it's free health care, but you almost have to be dead for them to treat you. I even heard on one of those talk radio deals, about how they tell women to stay home to have a baby! That's right, don't bother us with that birthing crap. You will do just fine at home like the pioneer people. Fuck a bunch of that shit!

We only have only about 10 more months of this crap. Well I would say, 7 then the mud throwing will come out with all of the TV adds. I just love the TV adds!

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