Wednesday, January 09, 2008

That Didn't Take Long

I knew it wouldn't take long for me to have a comment about something. See this is what I was telling you about that filter thing. Okay here it goes, I am about to piss off the P.E.T.A people out there.

I was watching the local news this morning and I saw this story. It was about a P.E.T.A protest in my town. Okay I am on board with the not killing of animals for their furs and hides and stuff. But I am a meat eater, but that is me. I have no problem with their protests. I do have a question though. As a knitter, I like to use wool yarn. So my question is, what the hell is so wrong about using wool? It doesn't hurt the animal to harvest the wool. All they are doing is getting a hair cut. In the summer it is better for the animal also. Would you want to go around with a big ass wool suit in 100 degree heat? NO!

I know, I know. You can't use any animal product or by product. So her is another question. What about the carpet and seats in the cars those P.E.T.A people drive? I bet they have some kind of wool in there. I guess that means they can't drive their cars huh?

So what about all the other animals that we shave to get their fur and stuff. It doesn't hurt the animals to shave them. So how is that cruel to animals?

I know I just pissed off a lot of people so here is something that isn't so bad. Last night I had a great 'ol time. I did some EXTREME KNITTING! That is when you have a few glasses of wine and knit. I don't suggest a beginner do this because, you can mess up. Luckily I didn't. Then after a few hours of that, I went to bed. So I did add a little excitement to my day after all.

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