Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So Quiet It's Scary

Well for once it has been pretty quiet around here. Not much has been going on. Which is scary. Usually there is always something going on. Nope. Nada. So it makes me have to think of things to write about. I know, that can be scary to.

I haven't knitted much. I am still working on Mom's socks. I just have been doing other things and I keep forgetting about it. Usually I can pump out a pair of socks in under 3 days. I think the pattern is pretty, and the yarn is awesome. I think it's because when ever I get a chance to knit, something or someone has to bother me and I get side tracked. At the rate I'm going, Mom wont get her socks until this summer. I need to kick my self in the ass some times. Well that and when Mindy comes over we get to drinking the wine.

I have been trying to get Mindy to learn how to knit. But I don't think she is that into it. The reason why I am trying to convince her to knit is, she is going through a divorce. I keep telling her it is a great stress reliever. She is worrying her self way to much about stuff. I guess when people are in that state of mind, you can't tell them any different.

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J.P. said...

I am the same way.. absolutely nothing to blog about. Ugh.