Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just A Little Pissed Off

Just a few minutes ago Makayla comes walking in the house. Mind you, she is not supposed to get out of school for another hour. I was loading the dishwasher and I hear the door open. And there she is. So I asked her why she was home and how she got home. I guess the bus dropped her and the other little girl off in front of our house. The school had a pipe bust and they sent everyone home. So my question is, what would happen if I wasn't home? How would she have gotten into the house? What if none of my neighbors were home also?

I even called my Mom to see if the school called her about it. Nope. So the school with out calling, drops kids off. I'm sorry how dangerous is that? Plus it is cold and raining out today. Well I just talked to Colleen the other little girls Mom. We are both SUPER PISSED!

So guess what I just did? I just called the school board and bitched them out. Then they couldn't even give me a good reason why they couldn't take the time out to call parents and let them know. So me being the bitch that I am, I just called the local news station! HA!

Bastards put my kid in potential danger. I will make your life hell! If the news station does call me back about a story, I will let the City School system know how much they just fucked up!


Heatherly said...

my brother was sent homw from his school in Wash DC with "a parent", no one knew which parent. this was after they LEFT the entire 1 &2 graders on a field trip and never brought them home.

did i mention it was the same week they sent home warnings saying there was a kidnapper loittering outside school.

this was the final straw that made my mom homeschool us.

Carolyn said...

The school never called years ago if you and Yvonne got out early. You'll have to have a plan for the girls in case it should happen again. That way they will know what to do.

Yvonne said...

That is messed up! How terrifying. You should write a non-angry letter voicing your clear and reasonable concerns about the safety of your child. Point out how the likelihood that your child (as well as many others)could have been outside alone unsupervised until you returned home. And what about those parents that work and have sitters that pick up their children? Or the parents that go directly to school to pick up their children? I wonder what panic they felt? And where did the ones with aftercare go? Were those daycares called? How did those kids get to their daycares? Someone must have had to call for those kids. Send one letter to the school, another to the school board and then a similar one to the local papers. By writing the letter you establish a tangible real complaint that is on record.It might cause people to think about a better solution. Seriously the burst pipe was not a big threat they could have managed to stage the children in the gym until parental contact had been made. If you want help let me know.