Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Friggin' New Year!

Well I didn't do much on New Year's Eve. I stayed at home and knitted. I watched the ball drop on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve show. All I know is, it wont be the same when he is gone. I have watched that show for as long as I can remember. I just had a quiet evening with James and the girls.

As for my resolutions for this year, well I have a few that I would like to do. Last years resolution was for me to put the filter from my brain to my mouth back in. I did really well. I didn't just blurt out what I was thinking all the time. I only limited that to when people asked for my opinions. This year I would like to find my wild and crazy sense of humor. I used to be really fucking funny. That talent only comes out after a bottle of wine. I used to make people almost pee their pants all the time. I think part of that talent came with that filter thing to. So I have been trying to only use that filter for certain people. Maybe my comedy will come back. For example, like being a tourist at a local fast food joint. Take pictures and talk in a made up language. That is always fun. I don't think James will go for that. I need to get Mindy in on that one.

My other resolution is to finish Makayla's sweater, knit cables more and try and make up more designs. I know I can do the last two, but that sweater thing is going to be hard. I get ADD when it comes to long projects. So hopefully I can have it finished buy next winter.

And one of my last resolutions is to try and lose some weight. I just realized this when I was doing laundry the other day and I looked at my underwear. I used to have those cute little things with the stringy sides. Now I have the Granny panties. I held them up and said " Is my ass really this big? Why didn't anyone tell me my ass was this big?!" This is how I know I am getting way to fat. If I can ware the same size pants as the hubby, then there is a problem. It is kind of a good thing, it saves money on the clothing. But come on. I am 15 more pounds away from moo moo's. I have already resorted to pants with elastic bands. I also don't own a scale either. When you last weigh in at 170 and you are 5'1 its either time to lose weight or throw the damn thing out. So I threw the damn thing out. What can I say, I'm lazy like that. I am hoping to lose at least 15 pounds. If I can do that, then I will try for more.

It snowed last night so we have at least 2 inches of snow. The girls don't have to go back to school until tomorrow. I was going to take them out and play in it today, but it was to fucking cold out. It was so cold, it hurt. So that idea got nixed. But we did play a few board games that they got for Christmas.

Tomorrow James is going to get plastic for all the windows in the house. I have the heat set on 70 and it is still really cold in the house. I even have a space heater in the living room going and it is still cold in here. All I know is, I don't want a $200 gas bill this month.

I have been doing a little knitting now that my arm is better. I am half way finished with the first sock for Mom's late Christmas present. With having my arm all fucked up I was way behind on projects. That and all of the holiday running around. I did finish a scarf for Bryanna. I also have one sock finished for Landen. When I was watching him, ( before Ami let Dippy back) his little socks would fall off of him. So I started making socks for him. His feet are like Bryanna's, short and fat. The rate I am going it will be a while before I'm finished with both sets of socks.

Happy New Year!

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J.P. said...

I was totally feeling the same way about Dick Clark. He IS New Years Eve to me, so I had a bit of tears over the fact that he sounded so bad. Poor thing.