Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Furniture

Here is my new love seat. I had my friend Mindy keep an eye out for new furniture for me. She works at Morris Furniture. She works in the warehouse, so she sees all the stuff come in. Well this love seat was a reject. The only thing I can see wrong with it is a little spot of white paint. She set it aside for me to pick up. I only paid $5 for it. That's right I paid $5 for a $1,000 love seat. It looks like it is leather but it's not. It is that faux leather looking stuff that is actually fabric.

And this is my $2,500 couch I paid $50 for. It has the power recliners on both sides. She said the left side was broken so they had it marked down. Well when I got it home, I just plugged both sides in and they both work. So whom ever probably didn't plug in the other side. She also said it had a rip in it and they repaired it. But the original people didn't like the repair or something and took it back. I can't even tell where the rip was. Mindy said it was in the back some where. Whatever, I got me some really nice stuff for a total of $60 with tax.
Mindy is awesome! Now all I need is some new end tables and I'm set. I have some antique end tables that used to belong to James' Grandmother. They are really really nice. But they are getting a little worn with having kids and people putting drinks on the leather tops without a coaster. So I would like to put them away before they really get messed up.
This is the first time since I James and I have been married, that we have had new furniture. I am hoping that since the kids are older, I can keep it staying nice for a while. I could have had nice furniture a while ago, but I really didn't want two toddlers with snotty goopy hands, to ruin the nice furniture. So for the past 6 years James and I have lived under the philosophy, if it's free then it's better than nothing.

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Heatherly said...

wicked awesome. it is almost worth gas to drive and pick one up! :-)