Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Day

Well so far today is starting off to be a great day. Bryanna on her own, went and pooped in the potty! YES!!! One step closer to her being potty trained. I know, I know the child is 5 years old and isn't potty trained yet. Well for some reason she was afraid to poop in the potty. I am hoping since she did it all by her self this morning, she has gotten over her fear.

The more I nagged at her to go the more she didn't go. So for the past year, I have laid off. I didn't let it bother me when she messed her pants. But I did start making her clean her own butt her self. I guess after a few weeks of her doing it her self, she got the picture. Yesterday morning, I made her clean her self up and she got poop all over her hands. She freaked out! Bryanna has this thing with her hands. She doesn't like getting her hands dirty. Plus she is a compulsive hand washer. If she gets a little marker or anything on her hands, she will wash her hands until she can't see the mark. Bryanna has always been like that.

Since I know she can do it, I'll have to see if she can keep it up. James and I told her, if she doesn't mess her pants, we will take her to Chuckie Cheese. I guess it looks like we will be taking her there today. What fun that will be.

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Heatherly said...

we had charts and would put stickers on the squares for each "good job" and at the end of the chart was an ice cream cone. we took them to baskin robins when it was full. some kids needed only one chart...others 4 or 5. :-)