Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Aww, look how cute. James and Bryanna fell asleep together. Bryanna had a very big day. She went potty all day long without an accident. Then when she was at school, she got into a fight with another girl. The reason she got into a fight was, she has this friend named Sarah. Sarah is very cute. She also has MS and has a walker. But she has the best personality. But Bryanna really likes her. Bryanna will pick up her toys, if she drops something, she will run and get it. Bryanna always makes sure Sarah is fine and has every thing that she needs.
I guess Bryanna got mad at Madaline because she sat next to Sarah. From what Bryanna told me, Madaline said something not nice so Bryanna smacked her on her back. It left a big red mark and Madaline had to go to the nurse. Bryanna had to sit in the thinking chair and apoligize to Madaline. So Bryanna got into big trouble at school.
I also go a note from her teacher. It said if it happens again, then I will have to come and get Bryanna from school. Plus she will not be able to go back to school until the next week. So in other words, she will be suspended.
James and I had a talk with her about hitting people. I am hoping that she wont hit anyone again. That's all I need, is my 5 year old suspended from preschool.

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