Friday, December 28, 2007

Catch Up TIme

Okay ya'll, I finally got my Internet back. So here is my very long catch up. It has been a month so bare with me. I will probably have to have a part two. ( I also have been drinking the wine with my friend Mindy tonight so that's against me to.)

Well this is James' boss Jim. This was a card night we had a few weeks before Christmas. Hunter was his dog and I just thought it was the cutest damn thing to see Jim passed out with his dog. Oh by the way, Jim lost that poker game.
Here we have Makayla playing poker with Jim the next week. It doesn't look like she was winning, but she did. Well with James' help.

Christmas Tree decorations. Yes I still have a fan in my house in December.

Oh and the beloved Cabbage Rolls. A family tradition since I can remember. But this year, we had Makayla helping. ( I'm from a Hungarian decent. I am third generation American born.)

The perfect Cabbage Roll, by Makayla. Well with a little help from Great Aunt Lisa.

Santa ( Great Uncle Rob) made a visit on Christmas Eve to Great Aunt Lisa's house for the kids. Santa brought Makayla a My Little Pony since she was such a good girl.

Bryanna loved Santa's visit and so did Tank the dog. ( poor Tank. About three years ago, he go a rectal exam from Bryanna when she was toddling around.{long story} But he still loves her.)

Christmas Day. One of the best gifts Santa brought for Makayla. (I know I have lawn furniture in my living room. What can I say, I'm redneck hillbilly that way.)

Bryanna opted not to ware pants on Christmas morning. But she loved her Diego play set.

Well Pa Paw Kevin gave them the best gift of all, a Power Wheels quad for Bryanna. Which she loves to death. Plus James took off the thing that make it stay in slow mode, so it goes about 5 mph now at top speed.

Makayla has a F250 just like Pa Paw Kevin now. He just made out gifts look like crap. That's okay. Kevin loves all his grandchildren. Even though Bryanna isn't his, he treats her like his. Which is soo friggin' awesome!

Now we are at Thanksgiving. Mom, the girls and I took a trip to Virginia to see my Sister. We had a blast. I guess that trip will have to wait until tomorrow when I will play catch up again.

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