Thursday, November 01, 2007

Interesting Tuesday

Well my week started out normal, until Tuesday. Well I got woken up to Makayla screaming like she was dying. I guess she was walking in her room, hit her head on her dresser and pulled all the muscles on the left side of her neck. So being 6am, and I'm not awake, I rushed her to the emergency room. Of course we were there for ever and a day. It took them 6 hours to tell me that all it was, was a pulled muscle. The funny thing was, we were the only ones in the ER. Anyways, Makayla has to ware a neck brace for a while. Well until tomorrow.

So later that night was also Trick or Treat night here. Makayla was going to be a devil for Halloween, but said she looked like a dork with the neck brace. So she was Tigger. So Tigger Ariel ( Bryanna) and I went Trick or Treating. We walked all over our neighborhood. Good thing I brought a pillow case. If not, then we would have had to walk home to empty their buckets. I had to walk 3 streets over to where people were handing out candy. The one street close to us only had 6 out of 20 houses handing out candy. Anyways, it was almost 8 o'clock so we started to head home. One of the last houses we went to was great. This guy clearly had started drinking early. He was trashed! His house was all decorated and he even had a Chuckie Doll. Well he had this 5 gallon soup pot full of candy. So he said, " Com'ere. Open that pillow case." He dumped that whole pot in the pillow case. Then he said, " If my wife asks, I handed out all the candy. Mm,k? Cuz, I'm all out of beer and I'm trashed. Good night."

Well that was fun. I couldn't help but laugh at him. So we went home and met James over at a neighbors house. James was very happy that the girls got a whole LOT of candy. Of course he had to run home and look to see what they got. Needless to say, James is very happy that he has candy. We have so much candy, I had to find another bowl to put it all in. I hope that the candy will last until next Halloween. Yeah, right!

So between Makayla thinking that she was dying and the funny drunk guy, it was a very interesting day.

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