Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Got My Ass Kicked

Last night I went to a Zumba class with my step-sister Jennifer. I have been wanted to join a gym or do something to get back into shape. So she took me to her gym for a Zumba class. I'm not hip to all the dance classes or aerobics stuff. But I guess this class is a combination of salsa dance, hip hop and other dances. I have no coordination when it comes to dancing. I could do some of the stuff, but others I just did my own thing. I can't shake my hips like I was supposed to and I wasn't about to jump up and down like the instructor was doing. If I jumped up and down I would hurt myself. ( I am kind of on the busty side.) Most of this dance stuff was more for the legs. Well my legs are not the problem. My problem area's are like any other woman who has had a few kids. The odd thing was, my legs were in better shape than the, Miss I can hula hoop through a Cheerio instructor.

Since I have not exercised in forever and a day, I was very out of breath. Well me smoking doesn't help either. I didn't realize that the class was an hour long. The only time we took a break was when the instructor changed songs. So half way through the class I did say kind of loudly to Jennifer, " Why do you do this? This is not fun. Why do you want to do this to yourself?" I did make a few people laugh. The good thing was I wasn't the only " big girl" in the class. So those big girls knew what I was talking about when I made the comment about jumping up and down and knocking myself out.

So in other words, I got my ass kicked last night. I'm not that sore but for some reason, my voice is all messed up. I sound like a boy going through puberty. I did have to sit and talk to some girl that showed me around the gym. She also wanted me to sign a 3 year contract to join their gym. I was trying to be nice about saying no, but I don't think she got it. So I told her I was not going to sign a 3 year contract because, I didn't know what I would be doing in my life in 3 years. So she just kept pushing and pushing. She was telling me that I could transfer my member ship to another gym if I moved, as long as they were on the company blah blah blah. So finally I said, " well it's 9 o'clock, and the class is starting." I went to the class and when I was leaving she asked again. So I told her I don't think so and left. I really hate pushy people like that. But since I was a guest, I was nice and didn't tell that girl to shove it like I normally would. I am going to join a gym, but it will be the YMCA. At least there, you can do a month to month thing. Plus they don't pressure you. So Saturday, I'm going up to join.

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Carolyn said...

God bless Jean, she rocks!
I keep hearing music. Are the songs I'm listening to going around in my head or are they posted on this blog? None of the voices in my head are talking to me today.