Monday, October 15, 2007

Mondays Yuk!

Well I got my running around done early. So I came home after I left the store, and I didn't have any coffee filters! So I went next door to see if Jean could spare one. So I sat and chatted a bit and had a cup over there. I went home and made my pot of coffee. Well I think I need to get a new coffee maker. I put in my usual three scoops of coffee and filled my little 4 cup coffee maker up. I just finished my first cup and it tastes like shit! It is way to bitter. I just cleaned my coffee maker yesterday. So I don't know what the hell is going on. I do know my coffee maker is like 8 years old. I bought it when I had my little apartment with Makayla's Dad. I would like to get one of those fancy coffee makers that my Mom has. But since I am the only one who drinks coffee, it would just be better if I went and bought another little coffee maker. I would like to have one of those big ass coffee makers that they have in the coffee shops. That would be awesome!

Well as Jean and I chatted, we decided this winter we will play cards or have a little knit/crochet thing while the girls are in school. I love my 80 something neighbor. She can still out drink me! Plus she has the best stories about when she was growing up. I never saw her as old until this year. It was like all these health problems hit her at once. But she is still the coolest 80 something year old I know.

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