Sunday, October 07, 2007

Coffee Swap 3

I am one of the hostesses on the Coffee Swap 3 blog. There are still a few spots open. ( sign ups close October 10th.) It is a fun little swap. You send a package of good coffee, some yarn a mug or some other goodies. In return, your buddy sends you some awesome package with great coffee!

Since I am on my quest to find coffee that doesn't taste like shit, I thought this would be the perfect swap for me. So far I am having fun getting my group together. It is just waiting on them all to come in so I can match everyone up. Check out the Coffee Swap.

In other news, I went to the Parade of Planes this weekend. The girls had a blast! I forgot my camera. Sorry no pictures. Their favorite part was, when the people threw candy to them. I think they liked the planes to. Oh and the cars at the car show the night before.

I think they had more fun at Ma-Maws house though. Bryanna can spend hours playing with the tea set there. Makayla has fun climbing the little tree in her front yard. Oh and I can't forget the next door neighbors dog Maxi. Maxi is Bryanna's favorite tea time guest. Bryanna will get one of her tea time bowls and put water in it for Maxi to drink. That and she tries to get Maxi to sit in her chair at her little table. It is so cute. They both love watering all Ma-Maws plants to. They have just as much fun at Ma-Maws as they do at Chuckie Cheese.

I didn't do much knitting this weekend. James' friend Jim was in town this weekend. So we just spent the night hanging out with him over at a friends house. We all had fun drinking beer, playing pool and watching the Ohio State game. I didn't watch much of the game. I was having to much fun joking around with everyone. There were a few times I almost peed my pants from laughing soo much. Like when all the guys were playing pool. I thought James was behind me, and I almost grabbed his crotch. Good thing I didn't because it wasn't James standing behind me, it was Jim. That would have been real cute. Then right before I was going to do grab him I told him what I was about to do. Since most of us were drinking, things are twice as funny.( I wasn't drinking, I was just my usual self. Well the self that used to work with all the perverted people at GM.)

So I told Jim I almost grabbed his crotch. He said, " Oh you would have gotten a surprise if ya did."
So I said, " probably not. I would have said, ' Hey, that's not my husband' and then looked to see who it was."

Steve and his wife Carmen were standing behind the basement bar. I think Carmen about peed her pants and Steve about shot beer out of his nose. I guess you had to have been there. Then Matt started talking about shoving a pool cue up Carmen's ass and sitting on Matt's Harley Davidson as a ride or some thing. I was talking to three different people when that conversation happened. By then I was tired and ready to go home. So tonight was a nice break from the kids.
I know tomorrow Ma-Maw will have a couch day, after watching both the girls.

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