Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Stuff

I really didn't do much this weekend. I knitted a little more on Mom's second sock. I did some laundry and that was about it. So today, is the day I read all the many blogs that I read. That is part of my Sunday thing.

Well today's blog of the day is Micah's Reality Tour. This guy cracks me up! That guy is one of those people, that you just want to go to a bar with and get drunk with. Plus he knits! Every time I read his blog, I laugh. James always wonders why I laugh when I'm online. So I have to read what ever it is I am laughing at. Sometimes he thinks it funny and others, he wonders what the hell is wrong with me. Like when I read Over Heard in New York. I can't help that I have a weird sense of humor.

Well in other Sunday news. I went to pick up some cleaning supplies today. I also got one of those Fabreeze candle things. I get home and open the package and set it next to my TV on the shelf. I go about my cleaning. I sit down to take a little break and knit a little. Well out of no ware, that damn candle comes flying off the stand! It scared the hell out of me. It flew off like someone threw it. So I picked it up and moved it. Usually when things like that happen, it doesn't bother me. I have these Home Interior butterfly's on my wall. They were my grandmothers. Every time James and I have a bad fight, they fall off the wall. Every once in a while we will hear cabinets open and shut. James doesn't believe in " ghosts" or Bryanna's friend Guise. He thinks she has been watching to much Cartoon Network. There is some thing/s here, I just don't know whom.

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