Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time for Me

Today I went to Tipp City just for the hell of it. I wanted a day to myself for once. I know the girls are in school, but Bryanna is only half day schooler. Well I knew the used book store was going out of business, so I wanted to see what was left. From the looks of it, not many people go in there any more. I found a few books and I left. I looked at my watch and saw that I still had over an hour before I had to be home. I looked across the street and saw Grounds For Pleasure. Knowing me, I wanted to know what the hell that place was.

I walked in and it is a coffee shop. I have never noticed it before. It is a very comfy place. So I go me a small coffee and sat down to knit a bit. I think I have found my new hang out. The coffee was great! She also has the best pecan pie. They buy all there sweets from a local girl.

I just love that place! It has a real homey feeling. Very relaxed and makes you want to stay a while. I was going to go to the Cold Water Cafe, but the last time I went there the owner lady was a bitch. I went there by myself for lunch one day. I guess she didn't want to accommodate for one person. Basically she told me that I had to hurry up and eat so she can seat other people. It was on a Tuesday and it wasn't even lunch rush. Nobody else was there but 3 other people! I'm sorry if you have ever been to Tipp City, that is not a busy town. Anyways, after I paid my bill I pretty much told that owner lady how rude she was and I should have listened to my friend about the place. I guess she is not "kid friendly" either. From what my friend told me, she went there with her 8 year old for lunch one day. The owner lady was rude from the start. She told my friend that she needed to hurry up and get out and that she needs to keep and eye on her kid. They both were sitting, and still eating!

Okay I just totally went off to another subject. Since that owner lady of that little coffee shop was so very nice, I might have to get a few of the local knitter together for a meeting there.
I also told Paul across the street, he's a coffee addict.

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Yvonne said...

I'm going to have to hit that joint up when I visit, sounds like a great coffee place.