Wednesday, September 19, 2007

House Hunting

Last night we took a look at another house. This house was built in the 20's, so it is really old. In my opinion, I think it was a kit house from Sears or something. But I think they either used two different kits or just improvised. That and I think the house was added on to several times.

The floor plan is a little weird. You have to go through a bedroom to get up stairs. The kitchen is bigger than the one I have, and the utility room is also the pantry. The upstairs was converted into a one bedroom apartment. On the plus side, the water heater, furnace, well pump are only 3 years old. The front side of the roof is new and there is new siding. The windows are newer also. The back yard is huge! I think the house sits on 1 acre. It has a big deck, great for party's. The front yard and side yard are fenced in. The garage is detached and it looks like a 2 car. There is no basement only a cellar.

James really likes the house. It's okay, but the floor plan is what gets me. I would like to have the girls' room closer to mine. The master bedroom is off of the front living room. The second bedroom is off of the back living room. Then the upstairs has one big open room and a little bedroom. But as you go up the stairs, there is another back door. I guess since it is a "stick built" house, we can change some of the things that we don't like.

It is a quiet area, now. Back in the day, it was or still is called "little Kentucky". It's considered the "bastard child" of Huber Heights. It is close to the river and it has been known to flood, a lot. But they built up the bank and where this house is, it is farther back away from the river. Basically, the back yard is butted up to the main road. Well there is a little park on the main road and the park is butted up to the back yard.

James loves projects, but he never finishes them because of time or money issues. This house is one big project. I would like to have the house inspected first. James and I are worried about the floor structure. The only way to see that is to go into the cellar. We really didn't get a chance to go look since the girls were with us. In the kitchen the cabinets are bowed. The home owner said it was because of the old cast iron sink. Plus I am wondering about termites. There was one place on the house that didn't have siding on it. It was the old one inch wood siding. When I looked at the siding, it looked rough. I guess I would feel a lot better once we get the house inspected, then maybe I can deal with the floor plan.

Buying a house is a headache. You either get a good deal or get somebody else's problems. I really don't want a house that has more problems than the one we are in now. I think we should keep looking, but I think James has his heart set on this one. I guess I will have to wait and see.

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