Monday, September 10, 2007

Sp Contest #2

Well my Secret Pal Hostess has a contest going on about what is the worst knit/crochet thing you have done. Well here is mine.

What was it? Twisted Tweed Sock

Who was it for? I don't know I was just knitting it because the pattern looked neat and looked easy.

What went wrong? Well for some reason the pattern isn't doing what it's supposed to do. I printed out the pattern and I wrote it down. I am following it like usual, but for some stupid reason the stitches are off. For example, one row of the pattern goes as follows..
Knit 1, Slip 3, Knit 3 end on Slip 1 Knit 2. Well when I get to that point there is no Slip 1 Knit 2. What I mean by that is the Knit 1 in the beginning of the row throws the last 3 stitches off. Am I supposed to only knit 2 then go on to the slip 1 knit 2 or what? I don't know. So screw that pattern. I think the person who wrote it messed up or something.

I'm going to frog it for the THIRD time and throw the pattern in the trash! I will just start another sock pattern.

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