Monday, September 10, 2007

More Goodies!

Well this morning when I went to go get Bryanna's shot record for school, my car wouldn't start. I knew yesterday that my alternator was going out. I was hoping I would have at least 1 more trip left before it really died. So I had to call Mom to take me to get the shot record. ( Now that is another thing I need to do when James gets home.)

Anyways, as I was getting out of her car, I saw a box on my doorstep. It was from my Sister. I opened it up and found a box full of cloth napkins, yarn, coupons, and a free drink chip for the club I belong to. I know it's an odd mix of goodies, buy none the less it was still awesome. I like the yarn, it is very soft. Just buy looking at it, I'm thinking of making a sweater for Bryanna. Now the cloth napkins, some I use for quilt pieces and others, I'll keep and actually use, maybe.

Well I frogged Picasso. I just wasn't feeling it. I might try it again another time. So I have casted on a different sock. This one I think I am going to do the Twisted Tweed pattern. It seems to be a really simple pattern. Who knows, I might frog that one to.

I like knitting socks, but I think I'm all socked out. I started a hat for my neighbor, but I'm not real into that either. I'm thinking of taking a knitting vacation for a few days. I know, gasp! A knitting vacation? Well if I don't I might get burnt out on knitting and not want to do it for a few years, like the last time I got burnt out on it. I might take that time to make some purses or finish the many quilts I need to finish.

I like making quilts, but my back starts to hurt after a few hours. I need to get a computer chair or something because, the kitchen chair sucks! What I would really love it to have a craft room. That would be awesome! If I had a craft room, I wouldn't have all my stuff scattered all over different places. I would actually be able to find all my shit. I have 5 different closets with all kinds of craft stuff in them. Plus under my end table I have yarn stashed in bags, a small basket that I have yarn in and 2 wicker baskets full of yarn. When I go look for something, I can't ever find it. The next house we get, I will have a craft room, oh yes I will have a craft room.

Well I just found something to do, go through all my yarn. It is so hard to put yarn away for a "rainy day." I always feel like I need all that yarn. Well I'm off to put Bryanna on the school bus and sort all my yarn.

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